What is Halloween Event in US ?

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What is Halloween Event in US ?
What is Halloween Event in US ?

What is Halloween Event in US ?



Halloween is a celebrated in various countries on 31st October every year. It is also known by the name of All-halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve. It is celebration of eat and drink for an annual religious occasion in the eve of Western Christian.What is Halloween Event in US ? Triduum ( A religious observance lasting three days) for the feasts of Christmas and dedicating to the dead of Saints(hallows), martyrs, faithful people for remembering them.


Numerous activities of Halloween have been performed such as trick-or-treating, Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, fortune telling, playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary movie and watching horror movies. Many Christian lighting candles on the tomb of dead bodies and pray for the peace of the soul of Hallows/Saints.


Halloween Activities

1. Trick-or-treating

Children wearing costumes and visit home for the gifts or treat. If homeowner gives them a treat, they take it politely and enjoy for the day. If somebody doesn’t give anything then children mischief to the homeowner. This is trick-or-treating.


2. Jack-o-lanterns

People carve the pumpkins and reshapes it. Carving the pumpkins and putting lights into them and carves the pumpkins in such a way that looks like human face.


3. Lighting Bonfires

People at night, accumulate wooden sticks and blow them up. They enjoy the fire of wooden sticks.


4. Apple bobbing

People collect apples and tub. Fill the tub with full of water and put the apple into it. Apple is less dense than water. So, apples float on the water. Participated people pick the floated apple from their mouth and take the apple out from water.


5. Fortune telling

Old people tell the story about a Hallow and strange stories to other people or children.


6. Visiting haunted attractions

Christian or Non-Christian visits haunted places nearby and enjoy a lot there. They scare from such a haunted place but they feel that’s why they do.


7. Watching Horror movies

People at night, watch horror in a dark place and enjoy the show.


History of Halloween:

Halloween is a celebration and superstitions. It is thought originated from ancient Celtic festival of Samhain and people wear costumes and roaming like ghosts in the streets. Samhain is celebrated on 31st October. They believed that the ghost of the dead bodies returned to the earth.
To celebrate the event, a priest made a large sacred bonfire, where people accumulated to burn crops and animals scarified their lives to Celtic god or goddess. What is Halloween Event in US ? When the celebration was finished, people relight the sacred bonfires end of theeveningg to help protect them during the winter.


How Halloween celebrates today ?

During the festivities, they play various activities trick-or-treating, bonfires, apple bobbing, going-to-souling and many more. The poor people beg for the food and money and people happily donate pastries called “soul-cakes” and children visit houses for food, money and ale. This shows the respect to the dead and saints. The dressing or costumes celebration come from both European and Celtic roots. Hundreds of year ago, people were frighten and scary about winters. There was lack of food during winter season. So, halloween activities helped poor people to store food to eat. What is Halloween Event in US ? During Halloween festivals, people believed that they encounter by the ghosts of the dead that are roaming in the street. So, people were afraid to leave their homes in dark. Therefore, they wore masks and costumes to fake the ghosts and they believed that ghost would mistake them for fellow spirits. People kept food outside the house to prevent ghosts to enter into their house.


Halloween Superstitions

Halloween is a festival filled with mystery, magic and superstition. People usually on halloween festival, place the dinning, light the candles outside the doorsteps and along the road side for the spirits. This superstition came from the middle ages. We kept thinking that black cat crossing paths is not good because early ages, witch turning themselves into cat. We never move under the ladder. These are some superstition things we do follow and for that halloween festival is celebrated annually. What is Halloween Event in US ?


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